Moose for 1 hunter + 1 observer Hunters
Hunter Name: James Nerli
Number of Hunters: 1 hunter + 1 observer
Budget Estimate (US): $10,000.00
Hunt Date: September 2020
Phone Number: 9167611371
Province/State: California
Country: United States

I am looking to book an archery hunt during the rut or the pre rut.

I do not want to hunt ‘flat land.’ I prefer mountainous or hilly terrain.

I am very athletic and able to hike and hunt long distances on foot.

I do not want to hunt from the back of an ARGO or ATV.

Horseback or backpacking would be great.

I dont need to get a +60′ bull but would like to be in the 45′ – 55′ range.

I have been archery hunting for over 20 years.