Region 4 (Southern Guides) WCF Fee Payments


Contribute to wildlife conservation in Region 4/Southern/Kootenay when you  pay the Wildlife Conservation Fee.


For Non-resident hunters who contribute to the WCF receive a one year subscription (3 issues) to Mountain Hunter™ Magazine. Fill in the Guide Outfitter’s name or company with whom you hunted and then click the ADD to Cart button.  A message will appear above the store and on the side showing your purchase.  To complete the process click on the checkout button and fill in the fields and your credit card information to pay with our secure payment system.  Use your correct mailing address as you will start receiving your magazine subscription.

For Guide Outfitters who contribute to the WCF on behalf of their client. You will need to add each WCF purchase to the shopping cart one at a time.   Fill in the Hunter’s name and mailing address (so they can receive their magazine subscription) and then click ADD TO CART button.  Once the screen refreshes, update the fields with the next name and address and click ADD TO CART again.  You can click on VIEW CART to see how many Hunters/WCFs have been added and then go back to online store if you need to add more.  When you are finished, click on the checkout button to complete the order and make payment.